Two Hundred Years of All Things Victorian
12th Annual Symposium
Friday 25 October 2019 
Stong Master’s Dining Room

Tea, Coffee, and Welcome, 10:00-10:15am

Host: Lesley Higgins

Morning Session,  10:15-11:45 am

Moderator:  Victor Shea

Jennifer Judge (English & Liberal Studies, Seneca)
Science Fiction and Satire: Imagining the Links

Matthew Dunleavy (English, York)
‘Not even a kiss!’: The Fallen Woman Without the Fall in Margaret Harkness’s ‘Roses and Crucifix’

Rusty Shteir (Humanities, York)
Women and Plants in 19th-Century English Canada: Accessing Knowledge

Afternoon Session, 1:15-2:45 pm

Moderator:  Khyati Nagar

Marlis Schweitzer and Jayna Mees (Theatre Studies, York)
Clara’s Curls: Performing Girlhood and the Politics of Hair

Radhika Mongia (Sociology, York)
Consent and Contract in Indian Indenture: Freedom as a Performative

Lorraine Janzen Kooistra (English, Ryerson)
Wood Engraving as a Generative Technology