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2015-16 events

Library Seminar, Wednesday 27 January 2016
Scott Library, Room 531
Wednesday 2:30-4:00 pm.

An advanced research seminar for our faculty and graduate student members. Join us as specialist librarian and VSNY member Lisa Sloniowski leads us through the latest databases, search engines, online archives, and other resources available  through York’s libraries.
8th Annual Symposium
23 October 2015
Victorian Studies Across the Disciplines
Stong Master’s Dining Room

Tea, Coffee, and Welcome, 10 am – 10.15 am
Host: William Whitla

Morning session, 10.15 am – 11.45 am
Moderator: Marlis Schweitzer

Karen Stanworth (Education/ School of Arts, Media, Performance and Design),         “Staging a Siege: The Spectacular Representation of Citizenship in Victorian         Toronto, 1874‒1901”

Peter Duerr (York University Library), “Archives, Collections and Databases! Oh         My! A Glimpse Behind the Curtain of Academic Resources for Victorian Studies”

Sheri Repucci (Science and Technology Studies), “The Other Side of Miasma: ‘Good’ Air, Public Parks, and the Rise of Landscape Design in 19th-c. England

Afternoon session, 1.15 – 2.45 pm
Moderator: Rachelle Stinson

Sylvia Nickerson (Science and Technology Studies), “Darwin in the Public Sphere:         Evolutionary narratives and Macmillan publications, 1859-1890”

Natalie Neill (English), “Pre-Cinematic Horror: Nineteenth-Century Gothic Adaptations”

Dorothy De Val (Music), “‘A Wholesome and Seasonable Enterprise’: Victorian Folk Song Collectors and Their Role in the British Musical Renaissance”